Marketers and their agencies will need to work closely together to solve the challenges of the next 12 months as the cost-of-living squeeze forces customers to change their behaviours and organisations to squeeze every drop out of their ad budgets.

As we saw during the pandemic, while challenging circumstances negatively impact some categories, they are a catalyst for agency opportunities elsewhere. The trick is to constantly monitor markets and changing consumer behaviours to understand what clients and prospects are worried about – and to adapt your support, guidance, services and overall business model accordingly.

Propeller Group has produced a new playbook for business development offering key insights on the marketer priorities for 2023. This knowledge will help you to understand the changing landscape in which marketers are operating and the nuances in the discussions around the big issues they are grappling with. Armed with these insights you will be well-placed to advise current and future clients and better shape the services and solutions you offer.

This guide includes:

  • An overview of the changing landscape
  • The five biggest challenges facing your clients
  • Ways you can help clients and prospects
  • Industry insights from new business experts

You can download The Business Development Playbook: insights on marketer priorities for 2023 here: